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How-to Get Tonal Discount?

1. Go to the Tonal Referral Link here and enter your email address.

2. You will instantly receive an email with your $125 Tonal discount code.

3. When you checkout, click Have a coupon? under the price summary and apply the discount code.

That’s it! You will now save $125 off your Tonal smart home gym!

What is Tonal?

Tonal is a smart home gym and personal trainer in one. The Tonal system itself is a wall mounted, fully-adjustable cable machine with interchangeable handles so you can do almost every exercise imaginable. It is very compact and perfect for people who cannot fit a whole home gym in their home. The smart feature allows the Tonal system to record weights, adjust weights, keep track of your workouts, and even spot you when it senses you are struggling, just like a personal trainer! There are many workout plans and individual workouts you can pick and follow. Want to keep a workout short? Pick a short 20-minute workout plan. Want to focus on losing weight? Pick weight loss workout plan. Want focus on building specific muscles? Pick that plan. It truly is an all-in-one workout system and a great investment for those looking to improve their fitness.

How Much Does Tonal Cost?

Tonal is not cheap. It is a premium home gym with premium features and accessories.

Tonal Machine – $3495

Smart Accessories – $495

Membership – $59.95/month (requires one-year commitment)

Delivery & Installation – $295 (may vary)


The Tonal Smart Accessories and membership are optional but I do not think it is worth buying Tonal without both. The Smart Accessories (handles, bar, rope, bench, roller, and workout mat) were designed specifically for Tonal workouts. The smart handles and bar allows you to turn the weights on and off with a push on the button and the bench is super lightweight which allows you to easily move it in and out of the way between exercises. As for the the membership, it includes the vast library of workouts and plans.

Use our Tonal referral code to get $125 off your purchase, Tonal Referral Link.

Is Tonal Worth It?

Tonal is an investment for your health. Beginners to advance weight-lifters can both benefit and improve with Tonal. It is expensive but think about how much time you are saving rather than going to a crowded gym or think about how expensive a full traditional home gym is (Tonal is cheaper and more space efficient). I am a believer. Tonal is the future of home gyms.

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